One text to rule them all…

Text 1a

L: Hi Sara! How are you?

S: Hi. Very well, thanks! and you?

L: Not so bad, thank you.
It’s an honor to work with you.

S: I’ts nice to be here.

L: Let’s dive into today’s to-do.
I think there’s a bug in the project code.

S: Let me see. Here’s the right code.

L: Yeah, that’s right. / That was quick!

S: Well. Let’s go and have something to drink. / Let’s have a drink. / How about a drink? / Do you fancy a drink?
Listen, we are having a karaoke night this weekend, why don’t you come along?

L: Yep, see you in a minute. (Sì, ci vediamo tra un momento) / That’s great! That sounds great!


Text 1b

L: Hi Sara! What do you you?

S: I’m a teacher. What about you?

L: I’m a technician. / I’m in the IT department.

S: I thought! (Lo sapevo/pensavo!) Cool! What kind of things do you do as an IT technician?

L: Well, let’s put it this way: I press keys and all that sort of thing.

S: How do you go to work?

L: I walk to work. But it’s quite cold today.

S: Nice! / Cool! / Love it!

L: Hey Sara, what brings you to Vicenza?

S: I’m organising a WordCamp.

L: It sounds awesome. Can I ask you a personal question?

S: Fire away!

L: How do you think other people see you?

S: Quite withdrawn, I suppose / I guess.

Text 2

Hello, there are no more chairs here. Look. Let’s go get some over there.

Where is your mother?
In the garden.
In the kitchen.
At work.
On holiday.
At school.
At home.
In Turin.
In the North of Italy.
Here, come and meet her.


You & I.

Devo… I must…

Può darmi…? Can you give me…?

Vorrei… I’d like… (‘d = would)

Ci sono…? Are there…?

A che ora…? What time…?

A che ora dobbiamo…? What time must we…?

Può darmi una mano? Could you lend me a hand?

Riprovo più tardi. I’ll try again later, now I’m too excited. (agitata)

Puoi consigliarmi…? Can you suggest…?

Cosa vuol dire…? What does … mean?

Ho prenotato a nome di… I’ve a reservation booked under the name of…

Può raccomandarmi…? Could you recommend me a …?

La/lo prendo. I’ll take it.

Le devo lasciare…? Must I leave you a… (an advanced payment)?

Posso riavere…? Could I have … back?

Mi ha cercato qualcuno? Has anyone called for me?

What sort of hobby are you into?
Sono molto interessata a D&D. I’m into D&D. What also? Fantasy, sci-fi, that sort of thing. 😉

Mi fa piacere sentirlo. I’m glad to hear it!

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